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For holiday celebrations, there are plenty of Fourth of July-inspired cocktails, food, and crafts to try, but a festive manicure is the cherry on top. Take things up a notch this Fourth of July with some bold nail designs? Fourth of July is a holiday filled with bold designs and colors, perfect for trying out new nail designs.

With these Fourth of July nails, you can make your holiday manicure stand out. From intricate holiday spirit manicures to bold accent nails, you'll discover the ideal nail art for your Fourth of July party below.


Celebrate Independence Day with stunning red, white, and blue manicure designs in the colors of the American flag.

Let's face it: tie-dye in red, white, and blue is the most American thing ever, and we adore it! This summer, go beyond the fireworks and barbecues by sporting patriotic nail art in red, white, and blue.

But just because it's America Day doesn't mean we have to limit ourselves to only three colors. Whatever color (or lack thereof) you have on your nails right now, there's no reason you can't go outside the box for absolutely stunning Fourth of July nails this year.

After all, we're already celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave — who says beautiful nails can't be included?


Show off your American spirit with creative manicure designs ranging from modest stripes and basic stars to full-blown tie-dye tips and glitter galore!

Starry Nails Stars are a popular design for this holiday season. Nothing says July 4th like being loud and proud, so apply giant stars to your manicure to make your nails stand out.

Stripes that are simple
If you prefer stripes over stars, a simple way to display your patriotism is with thin, crisp lines in colors inspired by our flag.

Stars Making a Statement
It's time to highlight one of your nails. Add a bright design to the ring finger, pinkie, or thumb so it stands out on its own.

Designs for American Flags
Now is the moment to be brave and proudly display the American Flag. Patriotic nails will be wonderful for your holiday, whether you prefer to have a single accent flag or create a contemporary spin on the flag.
Paint vertical lines in each patriotic hue to upgrade the basic flag design.

Tie Dye Patriotic
Participate in the summer's most entertaining trend by applying red, white, and blue paint to your nails for a blast of color.

Posh 2 Nails & Spa - Top 1 nail salon near me Jenkins Heights - Crest Ridge Fort Worth  TX 76135

Manicure with Glitter
On July 4th, it's not only the fireworks that sparkle. Find a glittering paint in a single color that will keep your nails gleaming all day.
Do you want a bit additional shimmer and shine on your wedding day? Glitter is timeless, so why not continue the trend on your nails?

gleaming jewels
Let's face it: a bedazzle moment can't go wrong. The choices are unlimited, whether you design all of your nails or make a statement on your ring finger. Your nails will be on full show when the light is just perfect.

Nail Art with Floral Print
Floral nail art isn't only for the spring season. Paint them with red and blue polish to give them a Fourth of July flair. All you need is a dotting tool and five little circles to make blooms.

Dots in Polka Dots
What better way to complement your lovely polka dot summer outfit than with a matching manicure? A nail dotting tool, toothpick, or bobby pin will suffice. Start by dipping the tool into your nail paint and dotting it onto your nails.
Dotticure of the American flag! So charming, so bouncy, so vintage, so America!

Matte Nail Polish
Matte nails are definitely making a return. Goodbye, dazzling gel manis; you're taking a back seat for the time being. Try the look with red, white, or blue matte paint, or alternate all three on separate nails.

Posh 2 Nails & Spa - Top 1 nail salon near me Jenkins Heights - Crest Ridge Fort Worth  TX 76135

 The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and I know many of you will want to jazz up your nails for the occasion! These elegant nail art ideas will make your 4th of July nails sparkle, whether you choose white dazzling nails, elaborate patriotic nails, or simple American tip manicure designs.

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